Public Safety Drone Resources

If you’ve been tasked by your agency to purchase a drone, or start a drone program…this is a great place to start. Here you’ll find excellent legal, training, and drone product resources. In addition, the MAXSUR team is here to help…just give us a shout at 1-855-778-6565 M-F 9-5, or via email

How to get a COA for Public Safety Drone Operations

How to Get a FAA COA – Certificate of Authorization

Public safety agencies such as fire, police and emergency management wishing to conduct drone operations should seek a FAA COA. In this article, we provide you with a proven process on how to  secure a FAA COA.  This resource will certainly save your agency thousands of dollars in consulting fees and prepare you for ongoing relations with the FAA. 

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How to Pass FAA Part 107

Passing The FAA Part 107 Test – Remote Pilot Certificate

For public safety agencies holding a COA, there is technically no need for pilot certificates. However, many agencies do require all of their pilots to hold a FAA issued Remote Pilot Certificate as it ensures a basic, and uniform level of knowledge about drone operations.

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police drone training
Drone Training Services

Along with the very best in unmanned technologies, the MAXSUR team is adept at providing the very best in drone education. Our skilled instructors include veteran law enforcement officers that are also drone experts. We can provide a training program to suit your exact needs from a basic 8-hour course to a full 40-hour program complete with maintenance and hands-on scenario-based training.   

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Public Safety Drone Comparison Chart

Public Safety Drone Comparison Chart

This chart provides a breakdown of the most popular drone systems from the perspective of public safety. So whether your conducting drone operations for police, fire or emergency management….this is a great chart to quickly evaluate several drone systems. The chart is available in spreadsheet form, just send us an email to

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sample police drone policy

Sample Drone Policy & Standard Operating Procedures

This sample drone SOP is a perfect starting point for any agency that has yet to develop their own.  It will certainly save your agency a tremendous amount of time, and help generate ideas for finally crafting your own set of procedures.  The SOP is structured for medium sized agencies but can be easily scaled up or down. 

Sample Drone Policy 


Police Drone Custom

Drone Customization 

The MAXSUR team proudly represent both DJI and the MAXSUR’s SEEKER line of drones. In addition to off-the-shelf solutions, we’re adept at building custom drone solutions to meet your mission requirements. Whether it’s a drone designed with a custom payload, dropper mechanisms, longer flight time, special encrypted links….we can do that! To get started, contact the MAXSUR team with your agency’s requirements.

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police drone repair

Drone Repair

The MAXSUR team is a DJI Authorized Service Center, have been repairing drones since 2013 and to date, have successfully repaired over 3,500 drone systems. Along with repair, our team can provide upgrading and maintenance. We’re able to repair almost any brand of drone to include DJI, Yuneec and 3DR. To get started, with a repair order…please contact the MAXSUR team to open a ticket.

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