FAA Part 107 Test - How to pass the test with ease and score high February 07, 2017

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If you’ve been putting off getting your Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate because you think it’s difficult, or maybe expensive…well, I’m going to take those excuses away today.

First for a personal testament, I am not a pilot by profession and have never previously studied to be one. I’m prior law enforcement, military and now a business person. I mention this because all too often, I hear from my contemporaries that the Part 107 seems too difficult.

Admittedly, when I first started studying the FAA Remote Pilot study guide, I was taken back by the foreign vernacular used in airspace navigation. I couldn’t stomach too much of that language before I turned to Kingschools who is the leader in distance learning for manned aviation. Those folks have the process down pat for taking a newbie like myself and providing not just the knowledge required to pass a test, but the key information so that the concepts are understood.

To boil down what the FAA wants remote pilots to know, is how to co-exist with manned aviation in a safe manner. Towards that, a remote pilot must have full understanding of the National Airspace and protocols that is required for manned aviation. King Schools can get that job done with ease via their new drone course, and it’s just $99. The course can be completed easily in a couple of days, but it’s recommended to do it over a week or more of time. As the course progresses, you’ll be challenged with pop-quiz’s to ensure your grasping everything. At the finale, you’ll be presented with three test and if you pass them…it is more-than-likely that you’re ready for the Part 107 test.

Along with getting you ready for the test, you will get a certificate of completion from King Schools. The course is available for credit with the FAA WINGS program.

For purchasing the King Schools Drone Pilot Ground School course, you can either purchase it direct from King Schools, or from MAXSUR…whichever is easier for you. Whether it be related to the course or not, if you need any help…please feel free to give us a shout at ops@maxsur.com or 1-855-778-6565.

Thanks for reading,

Jake Lahmann



King Schools Drone Pilot Ground School - Direct Purchase

FAA Official Remote Pilot Study Guide (Recommended reading in addition to King Schools Course)

FAA Airman Testing Knowledge Supplement (Will be made available to you during the Part 107 test.  Contains all of the charts, legends, maps, etc..,referred through the test and training.)

FAA Safety (Create an account here and use the email address is the same as for King Schools in order to get Wings credit.  This is not required for licensing, but is an added bonus.  Additionally, there is a free version of the Part 107 training and testing found on this site intended for Part 61 pilots.  However, non-part 61 pilots can take the training and testing but will not receive credit...only a nice certificate of completion.)


FAA Testing Locations (Locate a desired testing center and schedule your test.  $150 payment will be required)


FAA IACRA (After the test, you'll need to register on IACRA in order to submit your test results and Remote Pilot certificate application.)


Jake Lahmann 03/03 at 02:50 PM

Update 170303- Since posting the blog, I’ve had several folks take and pass the 107 test. In one particular case, I made a friend of mine aware of this blog page on Friday morning 2/24. Afterwards, he quickly proceeded to take the King Schools course and passed the Part 107 test on Tuesday 3/28. What’s really incredible is that he has never even flown a drone before. So if he can do it, you can as well!

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