TEXAS DIR Surveillance Equipment

MAXSUR has been selected by the Texas Department of Information Resources to provide electronic surveillance products to Texas State agencies and local governments. Below are the full details of products such as body cameras that are covered under DIR contract and, the respective contract details. 

Texas DIR-TSO-3460 - Products and Related Services for Surveillance, Security and Monitoring

Product Categories Offered and Quantity Pricing 

Covert Video Products 1-10 Units 6.00%
Covert Video Products 11-19 Units 7.00%
Covert Video Products 20-49 Units 8.00%
Covert Video Products 50-100 Units 9.00%
Field Surveillance Products 1-10 Units 6.00%
Field Surveillance Products 11-19 Units 7.00%
Field Surveillance Products 20-49 Units 8.00%
Field Surveillance Products 50-100 Units 9.00%
Physical Security Products 1-10 Units 6.00%
Physical Security Products 11-19 Units 7.00%
Physical Security Products 20-49 Units 8.00%
Physical Security Products 50-100 Units 9.00%
Digital Recording Products 1-10 Units 6.00%
Digital Recording Products 11-19 Units 7.00%
Digital Recording Products 20-49 Units 8.00%
Digital Recording Products 50-100 Units 9.00%
Wireless Audio Products 1-10 Units 6.00%
Wireless Audio Products 11-19 Units 7.00%
Wireless Audio Products 20-49 Units 8.00%
Wireless Audio Products 50-100 Units 9.00%
Microphone Products 1-10 Units 6.00%
Microphone Products 11-19 Units 7.00%
Microphone Products 20-49 Units 8.00%
Microphone Products 50-100 Units 9.00%
Wireless Video Products No Quantity Pricing 5.00%
Tactical Surveillance Products 1-10 Units 6.00%
Tactical Surveillance Products 11-19 Units 7.00%
Tactical Surveillance Products 20-49 Units 8.00%
Tactical Surveillance Products 50-100 Units 9.00%
Drones 1-10 Units 6.00%
Drones 11-19 Units 7.00%
Drones 20-49 Units 8.00%
Drones 50-100 Units 9.00%

Surveillance Equipment Catalog 

For a complete list of MAXSUR products and services available under Texas DIR-TSO-3460 contract, please click here


Quantity Pricing 

Eligible customers purchasing quantities more than 10 under this contract can benefit from additional savings.  For an official quote and system consultation, please contact the MAXSUR team at 1-855-778-6565 M-F 9 to 5, or email us at ops@maxsur.com 

* Please note, wireless video products do not have quantity pricing

Quantities   Discount
1-10 6%
11-19 7%
20-49 8%
50-100 9%

Ordering and Quote Information 

To place an order under this contract or obtain an official price quote, please use the contact information below.  For agencies making purchases of quantities of ten or more units, please ask about additional, quantity discounts.  

Toll Free  1-855-778-6565 8am to 6pm M-F CST
Local 1-512-778-5453
Toll Free Fax 1-855-343-4823
Local Fax 1-210-745-4647
Email ops@maxsur.com
Sales POC Robert Strohmeier - Ext 6030
Contract POC Jake Lahmann - Ext 6002
Reporting POC Lori Penn - Ext 6028


Warranty and Return Policy 

Warranty Period
Products offered by MAXSUR are provided with a one-year warranty. We guarantee the items to be free from defects in workmanship, materials and operation under normal use during the warranty period.

Warranty Exclusions
This warranty specifically excludes damages caused by misuse, abuse, alteration, dropping, water damage, external shorting, overvoltage, reverse polarity, static electricity damage, improper insertion of media cards or physical connectors, failure to properly mount the product and operation of the product without intended items. 

Warranty Replacements and Non-Warranty Service
During the warranty period, MAXSUR will provide a replacement product or provide repair. For items not meeting warranty requirements or after the warranty period, MAXSUR will provide repair services at or below industry rates.

MAXSUR will coordinate with the end user(s) of the products involving this contract to maximize a speedy and efficient method for warranty replacements. 

MAXSUR provides a 90 day money back guarantee on purchases. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, please contact the MAXSUR team to arrange a return and refund.  Items meeting the conditions of MAXSUR warranty exclusions or are in used, unsellable condition, restocking fees may apply.   

Texas DIR Cooperative Contracts Program 


When you purchase through DIR, you have the bulk buying power of the State of Texas on your side, which means that eligible customers can buy IT products and services at aggressive discounts without the need for a lengthy procurement process. All of our contracts comply with state purchasing requirements. CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE OVERVIEW

Who Can Use This Contract 

We serve a wide spectrum of customers including Texas state, county or local government offices, and public education entities of all sizes. To see if your organization qualifies, review our customer eligibility requirements. Customers outside the state of Texas may also use our Cooperative Contracts.



Texas DIR-TSO-3460 - Surveillance Equipment - Contract Copy

Please click here to obtain full copy of this contract.