How First Responders Can Pinpoint an Active Shooter

If you're going down the list on how to better prepare for an active shooter event, here is a tool that needs to be employed as fast as possible.  This tool is the RESPONDER SHARE feature built into to Eagle Eye Networks video management system.  With a simple click or tap by school staff, previously invited first responders can watch live video and gather life-saving situational awareness details.  Below is a demonstration video that shows just how easy it is to use.

Eagle Eye First Responder Live Video Share from MAXSUR on Vimeo.


If you would like a live demonstration of this tool, or you have further questions...

DJI Drones - How To Unlock Geo Zones

If you use a DJI drone for public safety missions, then unlocking your drones flight restrictions is vital to delivering fast and effective service.  These locks by DJI are managed by their GEO System.  The intent of the Geo is to limit hobbyist and those with ill intentions from causing havoc in such areas as airports, prisons, military facilities, etc.  Although this system is greatly needed for the masses, in your job you need almost unlimited access.

To remove flight restrictions from your drone, please follow the instructions contained in the below video.  Referenced in the video, is the Self Unlock site which can be found by Read More

Power Inverters for Covert Surveillance - Before Plugging In!

Before Plugging In, five things you need to know


Power inverters fall into the category of a must-have for your arsenal of covert surveillance gear.  Inverters make it incredibly easy to use 120VAC equipment in a mobile environment, and now you can find them for as little as thirty bucks at your local auto parts store.  But, before you go plugging in, here are five things that you need to know that could save you a lot of money, and help ensure mission success.  

1. You may not need one!
Power inverters are horribly inefficient and can be...

Thru Wall Stereo Microphones: Uses, Magic and Features To Look For


As the name implies, through wall microphones eliminate barriers and allows for a stealthy insertion of audio monitoring.  Obviously, this ability makes a thru-wall microphone perfect for covert audio surveillance of almost any room or building, and especially when gaining access is problematic.  Beyond static surveillance, thru-wall microphones find themselves naturally at home with tactical teams desiring to gain intel prior to no-knocks and stand-off situations.  In either of the tactical scenarios, a thru-wall microphone with a stereo capability can also be used to judge the approximate location of individuals inside the room or structure. 


Thru-wall microphones are also sometimes called contact microphones and the name contact microphones help to explain...

Adhesives for Covert Surveillance Installation


If there is a chance that you'll be tasked with doing covert installations in the future, this is a must-read, and for'll want to bookmark this article.  Over the past twenty-seven years, I've learned a ton of lessons about covert installations from body worn, mobile, static, and stealthy work inside of buildings.   One of the key lessons is getting the right adhesive for the job, which can make a pivotal difference between a cock-eyed camera view a day after the install, and a dead-on money-shot of the bad guy.  

monkey poop

Ribbon Sealer - (Mobile, Static, Buildings)
Ribbon Sealer, a.k.a. monkey poop was introduced to me at an Illinois State...

Improving Wireless Range Performance

Improving Wireless Range

Improving Wireless Range Performance 

Given the proliferation of wireless usage at large, getting proper wireless range performance has become increasingly difficult. Additionally, myths and lore have been spread into the law enforcement community about what works and what doesn’t. This article seeks to cut the clutter, is key for those starting from scratch and will give great tips to those who already own a wireless gear.

1. Get the freq’n right Freq!
All the bells and whistles in world are worthless unless your gear is on the right frequency. So from square one, you need to determine which frequency is best for you. A great first step is to figure what frequencies to avoid.

For example a...