DJI Drones - How To Unlock Geo Zones January 29, 2018

If you use a DJI drone for public safety missions, then unlocking your drones flight restrictions is vital to delivering fast and effective service.  These locks by DJI are managed by their GEO System.  The intent of the Geo is to limit hobbyist and those with ill intentions from causing havoc in such areas as airports, prisons, military facilities, etc.  Although this system is greatly needed for the masses, in your job you need almost unlimited access.

To remove flight restrictions from your drone, please follow the instructions contained in the below video.  Referenced in the video, is the Self Unlock site which can be found by clicking here

I hope this video has been of assistance to you.  If we can help further, please contact the MAXSUR team at or via phone at 1-855-778-6565

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