Sample UAS (Drone) Policy for Public Safety Agencies May 30, 2017

police drone policy

This UAS (unmanned aerial system, drones) operation manual is intended to serve as an example, and potential starting point for agencies desiring to construct their own policies.  It has been prepared by the MAXSUR team who has sold over 3,700 complete drone systems, and have fostered hundreds of UAS programs from the simple to complex.  This example manual includes lessons learned from those implementations and will prove beneficial to any agency starting a program. 

For your convenience, should you desire to directly replicate any portion into your own manual (sop), the faux agency name is highlighted and should of course reflect your agency.  Notes are also highlighted and should be deleted if text is copied verbatim.

This manual does not include granular SOP’s that are required by the FAA to obtain a COA, and operate UAS in a public safety capacity.  When obtaining a COA, please contact the MAXSUR team for example documents.

This document is considered living and updates will periodically be published.  To submit suggested additions or corrections, please contact the MAXSUR team at, or via phone at 1-855-778-6565.  When manuals are created for official agency use, we highly recommend creating an internal feedback loop for enhancement of the manual.

This sample policy is written for use and free distribution to any U.S. law enforcement, government, public safety, or educational agency.  All other forms of distribution are forbidden without written permission from a MAXSUR team executive or manager. 


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