TRACKIMO Hybrid GPS Cellular Tracking System w/1yr Service

TRACKIMO Hybrid GPS Cellular Tracking System w/1yr Service

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This micro GPS tracker is the latest to hit the surveillance industry, and it has quickly become a favorite of law enforcement due to its small size of just 0.7 inches, full featured worldwide service, and a very affordable price tag with a year of free tracking.  All things considered, it’s perfect for BMV (Burglary of Motor Vehicles), auto theft, sports vehicle theft, executive protection and even serving as a backup tracker for drones. 

Beyond simply being small, this GPS tracker also has the capability to triangulate via cellular towers which is very helpful for indoor applications.  For those rural operations, you'll be happy to know that this tracker works with all major carries, but should cell reception be lost...the tracker will cache up to 500 points that can be later retrieved.  

To make tracking in the field easy, the tracker includes an IOS and Android app. From the app, you’ll be able to easily track the GPS location, and:
• Establish geo-fence boundaries
• History tracking up to 365 days
• Get speed alerts, you establish the speed limit
• Low battery alerts
• Send a beeping command to tracker 
• Get movement alerts



What drone will the tracker work with? – Thanks to its small size and weight, this micro GPS tracker works well with almost any drone 300mm or larger. So, if you own a Phantom or larger…you’re good-to-go.

Will the tracker work indoors? – Yes! This micro GPS tracker is what is called a hybrid tracker. A hybrid tracker uses both GPS and cellular tower triangulation. So indoors or out, you’ll know where your drone is.

Can I get longer battery time than 96 hours ? – For drone tracking, most of the time you shouldn’t need any longer than 96 hours. But obviously for security uses, you might. In those cases, an extended battery is available. Also, the tracker happily accepts any standard USB power source.

What does the GPS tracker include ? – USB Charging cable, belt clip, lithium battery, silicon case, magnet, lanyard. 


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