MVG400 Cellular Air Card Enabled Multirole DVR

MVG400 Cellular Air Card Enabled Multirole DVR

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The core feature of this DVR is its full remote access, control and event notification ability via common USB cellular air cards. Coupled with a full list of DVR capabilities and a rugged design, its perfect for a wide range of law enforcement missions such as auto theft, BMV enforcement, field surveillance and prisoner transport.  

Auto Theft / BMV 
The MVG400 is currently in use by hundreds of agencies across the nation for auto theft as they can not only received SMS and email alerts of activity, but they can also track with built in GPS, view live video of up to four cameras, communicate via two-way audio, and of course disable the vehicle when ready.  

Field Surveillance 
This DVR is perfectly at home inside of pole camera enclosures for both covert and overt city wide surveillance operations.  The included software allows monitoring and management of literally hundreds of cameras with each camera being overlayed on a strategic map.  The DVR works with any PTZ camera that uses RS232 or RS485 controls (which is most), the alarm outputs provide means for controlling warning lights, sirens, etc..and the two-way audio allows for communication with suspects.  

Executive Protection / Prisoner Transport 
Any transport should be recorded for obvious reasons but with this DVR, it brings added safety to the equation by proving live GPS tracking, live audio-video monitoring, the ability to communicate with occupants, and in extreme cases...remotely lock doors and disable the vehicle.  Additionally, alerts can be established to transmit text and email pictures alerts when panic buttons are triggered, route is deviated, excessive speed or the vehicle has driven outside of a set boundary.  


Inputs 4 Video, 2 Audio
Compression Low bandwidth proprietary/patented 
Recommended Air Card Verizon UML295VWQ (will work with others)
Network Connectivity Air Card, Ethernet, WiFi
GPS Features Geofencing, Speed Limit, Route Deviation
Resolution D1/CIF/QCIF recording up to 30FPS
Sensor Contact Points 4 Input / 2 Ouput (dry)
Data Rate Variable 5kbps to 2Mbps per channel
Audio Bi-Directional, built-in speaker
Recording Motion, continuous, alarm, gps, schedule
Power Input 9-36VDC, max power consumption 9W
Operating Temp 32° to 113° (Can improve with rated hard drives)
Dimensions 7.2" x 6.2" x 2.9" (W x D x H)
Weight 4.8lbs