MVG200 Cellular Air Card Enabled Multirole DVR - Dual Channel

MVG200 Cellular Air Card Enabled Multirole DVR - Dual Channel

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 The MVG200 by Servision is one of the most advanced mobile DVR's on the marketing today designed for the professional operating in low band width environments.  With it's long list of features, it's perfectly suited for a wide range of law enforcement surveillance missions which include

Auto Theft Pole Cameras 
Drop Cars SWAT 
Rural Surveillance Executive Protection
Prisoner Transport Drones 
Asset Tracking (GPS)


The core feature of the MVG200 that makes it so valuable to law enforcement is the ability to use USB air cards such as the Verizon UML295.  With the aircard inserted, live video, audio and GPS  tracking can be monitored worldwide from any authorized laptop or smartphone.  

Above live monitoring, you can also view recorded evidence over cellular there is no need to go onsite to retrieve evidence to obtain warrants and build your case.  Additionally, via the cellular connection all settings can be adjusted which is very useful for surveillance techs that manage hundreds of deployments.  

Very important for force management, the MVG200 can employ a number of sensors that are used to alert you when activity occurs.  Sensors can be covert door switches, seismic sensors, wireless PIR sensors, or you can use the internal video motion detector and the accelrometer that measures vehicle movement.  One activity is detected, the MVG200 can be programmed to send SMS text alerts and emails with pictures of the activity.  

When connected via cellular, the MVG200 allows for remote interaction with the scene.  In the case of the Auto Theft deployments, car engines can be killed, windows locked, lights turned on, and with the two-way audio communication, suspects can be issued instructions.

The MVG200 is worlds top choice for remote surveillance.  For a live, remote demonstration...please contact the MAXSUR team at 1-855-778-6565

Inputs 2 Video, 1 Audio
Compression Low bandwidth proprietary/patented 
Recommended Air Card Verizon UML295VWQ (will work with others)
Network Connectivity Air Card, Ethernet, WiFi
GPS Features Geofencing, Speed Limit, Route Deviation
Resolution D1/CIF/QCIF recording up to 30FPS
Sensor Contact Points 1 Input / 1 Ouput (dry)
Data Rate Variable 5kbps to 2Mbps per channel
Audio Requires external speaker for most applications
Recording Motion, continuous, alarm, gps, schedule
Power Input 9-36VDC, max power consumption 9W
Operating Temp 32° to 113° (Can improve with rated hard drives)
Dimensions 6.7" x 4.2" x 2.1" (W x D x H)
Weight 28.2oz