Matrice 100 LE Package

Matrice 100 LE Package

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MATRICE 100 - Professional Grade Drone System - Field Ready

Includes obstacle avoidance feature - Field Ready System


Designed for the professional, the MATRICE is a no-nonsense drone that provides a high degree of modularity, and important for law enforcement, an obstacle avoidance feature.  In tandem with obstacle avoidance, it also uses a unique optical-down-flow-sensor and together it makes indoor flight possible for clearing large buildings, navigating urban areas and inspecting low GPS signal areas such as flooded underpasses.  The ultra-high res 4K camera’s pan/tilt function can be controlled by a second pilot and the live video range is up to 1.2 miles LOS.  Bolstering situational awareness, up to five separate teams can view the video with the purchase of additional receiver modules.  With a full payload, flight time is a consistent 25 minutes using two flight batteries. 

Features (The word features is not used)

  • 5 Axis Obstacle Avoidance
  • Share Video with Up to 5 Separate Teams
  • Indoor Flight Capable
  • Dual Tech GPS (US –GLONASS)
  • Second Pilot Camera Control
  • 1.2 Mile Live Video Range
  • Compact, Fits in a Car Trunk
  • Up to 25 Minute Flight Time


MATRICE 100 Professional System Includes

  • MATRICE 100 Drone
  • Ultra High Res 4K Camera
  • Camera Pan/Tilt and Stabilizer
  • 2, 5700mAh Flight Batteries
  • 2, Digitally Unique Remote Control
  • 2, HD Tablets for Live Video Downlink
  • Full Configuration and Flight Testing
  • Waterproof Hard Case
  • Lifetime Technical Support


MATRICE 100 Professional Drone System………………………………………$6,499.00