KT&C IP Bullet Camera 4 Megapixel EXIR

KT&C IP Bullet Camera 4 Megapixel EXIR

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If you’re looking to standardized on a security camera, the KNC-P4BR4XIR should be on your shortlist. Its performance pegs the needle, and the feature list checks all of the boxes of what you need for physical security operations.

For starters, the KNC-P4BR4XIR has an amazing 4MP resolution that allows you to capture a wide scene but digitally zoom to discover minute details, all with no moving parts.

At night, the KNC-P4BR4XIR performance really shines. Combined with the impressive IR array, and servo controlled IR cut filter, you’ll get up to 260 feet of infrared lighting that is smart controlled. The smart control will automatically reduce light intensification to maximize visibility for close targets. Putting a polish on the low light performance is the 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) system that nearly eliminates grainy video common to other cameras.

To take on daytime challenges, KNC-P4BR4XIR has an advanced digital wide dynamic range system (D WDR). This D WDR actively takes dual images that lift out important visual images such as facial identity, e.g. a person walking through a door way with sunlight at their back would be silhouetted by most cameras, but not this one!

Day or night, the KNC-P4BR4XIR conquers fast moving activity with its progressive scan capability. Of each video frame, edge to edge the view will be crisp allowing to you to discern greater details of vehicles, such as license plates.

No matter the part of the country you’re in, the KNC-P4BR4XIR is built to withstand the extremes. The weather rating is a tough IP66, and it can tolerate temperature ranges of -22F to 140F. Additionally, the vandal proof design will keep the electronics secure while its gathering evidence.

For convenience, the KNC-P4BR4XIR is designed to be mounted on any flat surface, or mate it directly to 4 inch electrical box. For power, you can use the traditional 12 volts or power via POE (Power Over Ethernet).

Once installed, you view the KNC-P4BR4XIR from your favorite NVR, VMS (software), or connect directly via any browser such as Chrome, Safari, FireFox, or Internet Explorer.


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