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The GBOX is a fully featured HD covert pole camera that delivers unparalleled stealth, high resolution performance, ease of installation and use. To promote stealth, the GBOX covert concealment is “perfectly boring” with a camera lens that matches the color of the enclosure itself. So, at a glance, there is simply nothing to catch-the-eye. The lens material used is made of a patented material that allows excellent one-way transfer…allowing the camera to see perfectly, but opaque from the other side. This covert pole camera concealment stands in contrast to others on the market that use blazon stickers that read “high voltage, warning”, etc…all those stickers accomplish is to attract unwanted attention.

Beyond the stealthy concealment of the GBOX pole camera, it’s also easy to mount. The GBOX comes with a separate mounting bracket that hugs poles, and works with both metal and wood. In addition, the GBOX mount includes O style clamps to eliminate the need for specialized hardware. Once in place, the GBOX stays nice and cool with a thermostatically controlled fan. The cooling system allows for cool air intake, and hot air exhaust. Along with protection against heat, the concealment is NEMA4X rated and the industrial fiberglass construction will provide for decades of weather endurance.

Inside the GBOX covert pole camera is a powerful PTZ camera that combines high-end optics, high resolution, and low light capability. The optics provide long range license plate and facial ID with a 4.7 to 94mm lens which equates to 20x optical zoom, and is backed-up by a 16x digital zoom. The optics also afford low light operation with a 1.6 f-stop that is coupled with a true day/night imager, 3D digital noise reduction for clear low light images, and a wide dynamic range that helps to generate useable details event with harsh contrast light. Net result, low light sensitivity is 0.001 lux which means this camera can see well in areas covered by streetlight and perform reasonably in all other areas. Resolution is 1080p at 30 frames per second and with progressive scanning, even fast-paced footage is crisp edge to edge and clear stills are easily obtained.

The GBOX covert pole camera includes a full-featured onboard recording system that is seamlessly integrated with the PTZ camera. Because the recorder and PTZ camera are perfectly integrated, live viewing is a joy, the resolution is crisp, PTZ operation and video rate is smooth. The recording system provides a suite of analytics and the chief being advanced video motion detection that will alert you via email when activities occur, and later…make finding and exporting footage of concern a breeze. Onboard footage is saved to a 1TB surveillance grade hard drive built to withstand the demands of non-stop operation and because it’s a hard drive, video files are saved in complete segments vs. 30-second segments common with microSD card type recorders.

Providing full remote access worldwide is RV50 4G LTE Sierra Wireless modem that provides the industry’s best bandwidth and works with all popular carriers nationwide. With dual high gain antennas, the RV50 work well even in rural areas where cellular coverage is typically limited. And when needed, the RV50 can be used to completely reset the entire GBOX system by remote.

For most remote operations, the included app is the way-to-go! The app works on Android and iOS devices, provides for an excellent live view, full PTZ control and easy review of footage. The browser driven app works the best on IE and provides full remote configuration and device management.