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The GBOX-MINI-HD is the rev II of the very successful GBOX-MINI, and this one has some new, and powerful features to make catching bad guys even easier. At the top of the list is its video quality of 1080p at a full 30 frame per second, and a full 16:9 screen ratio. Obviously with this kind of resolution, you’ll get even richer, more convincing evidence. Everything is recorded to an onboard microSD card and those same files can be accessed by remote.

Wireless performance has also been improved. WiFi range is now up to 300 feet line of sight using common smartphones or tablets. In addition, the GBOX-MINI-HD is IP addressable…so you can now add a cellular WiFi hotspot for worldwide viewing and management of the camera.

Even with the added features of this HD version, you’ll still get the “perfectly boring” concealment that doesn’t attract unwanted attention. Even close up, the covert pinhole camera is near impossible to detect. This makes the GBOX perfect for use on utility poles, sides of buildings and even inside of warehouses.
Installation is fast and easy. Using a cordless drill, you can have it installed in a matter of minutes.

Because of its light weight, typically just two appropriate screws is all that’s required. For run time, we offer the GBOX in 24, 48, and 168 hour models. In each of them, we use the very best in lithium technology to minimize size/weight, but maximize run time. For those who need indefinite runtime we also offer 120VAC versions and custom versions with solar power.

Key Features
• No wires, super-fast installation
• Battery runtimes up to 7 days
• Stealthy concealment, nearly undetectable
• WiFi range up to 300’
• IP addressable for worldwide viewing, works with hotspots
• Works on Android or iOS smartphones
• Motion, scheduled and endless loop recording
• Provides activity alerts
• Capture live, still images via the app

Please note- When the 168 hour version is selected, the box size increase to 8" x 8" from the standard 6".  However, 8" boxes in most applications is still very small.  Also, run time will vary according to temperature.