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The GBOX-MINI covert utility enclosure camera system is tailored made for rapid deployment of covert video surveillance.  The concealment is "perfectly boring", doesn't attract unwanted attention and even from a few feet away, detecting the camera is near impossible.  

Behind the clever concealment is an upgraded conical pinhole camera with a SONY EFFIO chipset that provides excellent color video during the day, and IR sensitive black & white video at night.  Along with this camera is a high gain microphone to pick up nearby conversations (microphone can be disabled to meet various legal confines).   

Recording everything, is a microSD card based digital video recorder with an onboard WiFi transmitter that allows you to remotely view a live video feed.  Additionally, to keep the scene undisturbed...recorded files can be remotely downloaded securely from any smartphone or tablet. 

To reduce evidence review time, recording can be triggered using the built-in video motion detector. To manage  memory resources, the DVR frame rate and resolution can be adjusted to match mission needs.  All of these settings are easily controlled via Android or iOS devices.   

The GBOX-MINI is available with your choice of a 24 hour, or 48 hour battery.  Additionally, because the MAXSUR team builds each and everyone, we can fully customize the camera, concealment, power system, and add trigger mechanism.   

• View live video up to 100'
• Undetectable, even at close range
• 0.0001 Ultra low light rating 
• Download evidence securely via smartphones or tablets
• Day/night color camera
• 24 hour run time on standard battery (48 / 168 hour options available)
• Video motion & loop recording 
• Accepts up to 64GB microSD card
• Weatherproof & customizable

Please note- When the 168 hour version is selected, the box size increase to 8" x 8" from the standard 6".  However, 8" boxes in most applications is still very small.  Also, run time will vary according to temperature.