Eagle Eye Networks 304 15 IP Camera Camera Compact Bridge

Eagle Eye Networks 304 15 IP Camera Camera Compact Bridge

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The Eagle Eye Networks 304 bridge will unleash the power and convenience of cloud-based surveillance.  Setup is incredibly easy, connect up to 15 IP camera using a common POE switch, connect to the internet, and in just a few minutes you can watch your footage live!   

Once connected to the Eagle Eye Networks, you'll be able to:
• Securely share video and recorded footage instantly with an unlimited amount team members
• Store full HD footage from 7 days to years
• Get activity alerts with advanced movement analytics 
• Download MS Excel file of activities to graph critical hotspots 
• Leverage the bandwidth of a cloud-based server, and have an unlimited amount of team members watch live
• Eliminate headaches involved with managing a server, hard drives and licenses 
• Eliminate worry about lost footage with a 2 day onboard backup in addition to cloud storage
• Eliminate security concerns with fully encrypted stream and storage


For a live demo, or to receive an official quote for the Eagle Eye 304 and cloud services, please email the MAXSUR team at ops@maxsur.com 

For a testimonial on the power of cloud-based surveillance, please see the Mobile PD use-case video