DNVM-4 Digital NV Monocular 4x color

DNVM-4 Digital NV Monocular 4x color

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Thanks to recent advancements in low light technology, this digital night vision monocular is available for under $200.  All the while, still providing superior clarity and high light gain.  

An advanced manual brightness/gain adjustment allows the user to adjust the brightness of the unit to its surrounding area maximizing image clarity and light gain.  No scene is too dark with this DNVM, turn on the powerful built-in infrared illuminator and you can see even in total darkness.  

A wide array of magnification options combined with a compact, ergonomic design make the DNVM line from ATN an excellent unit for your night vision needs.  With the included video output, the night vision camera make an excellent, affordable tool for surveillance.  



digital night vision monocular