DJI S900 Spreading Wings Drone

DJI S900 Spreading Wings Drone

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Whether it's Search and Rescue, Tactical Operations or any operating requiring eyes in the sky, the S900 hexacopter from DJI delivers redundancy for added safety, along with an unparalleled array of available payload and configurations. This unmanned aircraft can be custom built to our agency's specific needs with high resolution imagers, FLIR brand thermal imagers and many other sensors.

The "secret sauce" of all modern UAV's is the GPS positing system, which allows the craft to hold a steady position, even in strong winds. When combined with a flight controller such as the A2 or NAZA-MV2, the operator simply tells the drone where to go via the control stick, but the craft has the uncanny ability to stay on point in surprisingly stiff winds. In its full configuration, the the S900 comes with the great user friendly features of the Phantom the the Inspire drone -- automatic return home, autonomous flight and more. In spire of the larger size, they are actually quite easy to fly because of their extgra stability and the GPS stabilization. The frame and landing gear are made from carbon fiber, for very light weight with high structual strength. The arms fold down in a "flower petal" configuration for easy transport with fast set up and deployment. To fly, simply lift the frame arms, lock them into place with positive locking latches and power up the system. After take off, the landing hear folds up completely out of the way, giving the camera or other sensor an unobstructed 360 degree view.

In addition to the engine-out redundancy of the hexacopter design, the S900 is now available with the option DropSafe ballistic parachute system. This Co2 powered system ensures that in the unlikely event the worst does occur you can still deploy the DropSafe parachute system to minimize potential damage.

Maxsur is a DJI Premier Dealer and Authorized Service Center, so we can not deliver the world's most powerful, capable and cost effective UAV's but support you with full service and training. We can configure your S900 with multiple camera arrays, sensors, payload, dropping mechanism and more. Stop by our facility anytime for a free demonstration and training session -- you'll be absolutely amazed at the S900's capabilities and ease of use.