HARPOON - Micro Worldwide 3G Cellular Audio Transmitter

HARPOON - Micro Worldwide 3G Cellular Audio Transmitter

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Whether the mission requires body-worn use, vehicle or structure insertion, this micro 3g transmitter is an excellent choice worldwide with the true, quad-band compatibility. Advanced, but easy to use features makes this transmitter ideal for both short and long term critical operations.

Right out the box, this 3g transmitter can be placed into operation in just minutes. It works with nearly any SIM card and because its compatible with US cellular carriers, you won’t get systematic dropouts common to GSM devices from Asia.

The onboard DSP (Digital Signal Processor) produces high-quality evidence with ambient noise reduction, echo cancellation noise filters.

The GSM transmitter has a sleek profile of just 0.41” which is easy to conceal under clothes, trim panels, junction boxes, etc… When active, the transmitter consumes a minute 60mA and 30mA in sleep mode which allows for days of operation using common alkaline batteries or indefinite operation in the case of vehicles and buildings

Comes with integrated cellular antenna, high gain Knowles microphone, voltage adaptor for use with 7 to 28VDC power sources, 12 VDC battery holder, wiring pigtail, operation manual and 2-year warranty.

• True quad-band compatibility, works worldwide
• DSP reduces ambient noise and provides echo cancellation
• Great for body worn, thin profile of just 0.41” weighs less than 1 ounce
• Low current draw of 30mA in sleep mode and 60mA in active mode (12VDC)