MERLIN HD City Wide Camera Systems

MERLIN HD City Wide Camera Systems

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MERLIN City Wide cameras, a must-have strategic tool that extends the reach of public safety, and puts a damper on criminal activity day or night.  With resolution up to 4K and powerful telephoto optics, you’ll be able to key on concerns hundreds of yards away, and narrow suspect lists after the fact.  The built-in suite of digital analytics works non-stop to prioritize scenes and instantly alerts staff to the most important activity.  Engaged staff can interact with built-in loudspeakers and intensely bright warning lights.  

To match your agency’s precise needs, MERLIN units are built with your choice of camera styles. Ranging from the ever popular pan/tilt/zoom cameras, to the all-seeing 360° cameras, and even a combination of both.  No matter the choice, you’ll get the utmost in resolution, wide dynamic low light handling, and progressive scanning for sharp still frame shots.  For live monitoring, MERLIN units are available with latest 4G LTE cellular modems, mesh technology radios, industrial WiFi, and cable that match your carrier’s requirements.

All MERLIN units come ONVIF compliant for assured integration with your favorite video management software (VMS).  For agencies desiring the latest in VMS, MERLIN is available with EagleEye Networks cloud storage and management.  EagleEye Networks provides the benefits of VMS, but is conveniently operated from any desktop or smart-device browser.  Using the EagleEye option, agencies can instantly share camera feeds with neighborhood associations, business associations, civilian patrols, and investigative details.  

MERLIN cameras compliment covert surveillance activities and technology by helping to funnel activity to controlled areas.  For a complete strategic implementation, we highly recommend using our GBOX covert pole cameras in tandem with MERLIN units. 

Nationwide environmental condition poses no challenge for MERLIN units.  The NEMA 3R housing is constructed of impervious aluminum which is further protected with UV powder coating.   Keeping technology the perfect temperature, MERLIN units include thermostatically controlled 105CFM powered venting, and optionally built-in heaters.  MERLIN units mount quickly and easily, allowing for self-installation or keeping contract installation cost very low.  The integral notched mounting bracket seats firmly on almost any pole and works with common stainless steel strapping.  

• Resolution options up to 4K (8MP) video
• Available with any combination of Pan/Tilt/Zoom, 360/180° degree, and fixed cameras
• Built-in analytics alerts staff to the most important activity 
• Optional license plate recognition camera sensors
• Scene interaction with two-way audio and intense warning lights
• Progressive scan for crisp still shots
• ONVIF compliant for use with your favorite video management software
• Available with EagleEye Networks cloud storage and management software
• Low light wide dynamic light handling capability
• Thermostatically controlled environmental conditioning 
• Available with 4G LTE cellular, mesh radios, industrial WiFi or carrier specific cable modems
• NEMA 3R impervious aluminum construction with UV powder coating 
• Integral mounting bracket for quick installation


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