Armored Vehicle Kit, Dual Video (G2)

Armored Vehicle Kit, Dual Video (G2)

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The AgileMesh VehicleView Series ARMORED VEHICLE KIT™ enables an armored vehicle to be an on-scene mobile surveillance center. Wireless live video feeds from any CommandMesh Connector™ or CommandMesh™ compliant surveillance equipment are sent to the armored vehicle where they are monitored on a single, unified screen. In addition, the vehicle provides backhaul options for remote monitoring at authorized command locations. AgileMesh ARMORED VEHICLE KITS are available as aftermarket add-ons, and through armored vehicle OEMs.

AgileMesh total on-scene, portable surveillance systems enable incident commanders to provide an enhanced level of officer safety, valuable post-incident training tools, incident action evidence gathering and a new level of liability protection. All video transmissions are secure and if one AgileMesh unit is disabled or destroyed other on-scene units continue to operate.

AgileMesh solutions include the proprietary CommandMesh software platform which optimizes video signal processing and communications.

Kit includes CommandMesh enabled dual video node w/video out enabled, video amps, video switch, video cables, power cables, ToS/Thermal Cam toggle switch, antennas (2), antenna cable, node mounting plate, adapters, and installation prep. (Installation not included.)