IACP 2016 MAXSUR Products Displayed

Thanks for visiting with us at this years IACP conference!  For your convenience, here are the products that were on display.  Each product is hyperlink to respective product pages and most pages include a demonstration video.  

For additional information about these or other MAXSUR products, please contact Jake Lahmann at 1-855-778-6565, or via email at jake@maxsur.com 

Product Description
covert streetlight camera Covert HD Streetlight Camera Full featured pan/tilt/zoom camera system, but undetectable to targets.
covert utility enclosure Covert HD Utility Enclosure Camera w/WiFi Excellent for quick, temporary deployment of surveillance in key-hotspot crime areas.  Self-contained and IP addressable for world-wide monitoring.
COVERT HAT CAMERA Covert Hat Camera w/WiFi  100% self contained, no wires and operates up to 3 hours on a single charge. 
COVERT IPHONE CAMERA Covert HD iPhone Sleeve Camera Works with any iPhone 6S and instantly converts it into a covert phone.  A perfect way to introduce covert audio and video recording. 
hd covert keyfob camera Covert HD KeyFob Camera  Has the appearance of an ordinary keyfob, but skillfully placed inside is a HD camera, DVR and WiFi transmitter for live streaming. 
covert usb charger Covert HD USB Charger This fully functional USB charger is perfect for operations in hotels and office.  Just plug & go, and you'll have full HD video streamed to nearby smartphones.
COVERT SUN GLASSES CAMERA Covert HD Sun Glasses This concealment is one of our most popular for a wide range of undercover ops, and has been responsible for countless convictions. 
COVERT COFFEE MUG CAMERA Covert HD Coffee Mug Camera Perfect for ops in vehicles and offices.  The concealment is one of the most undetectable in the world.  
law enforcement drone DJI Inspire 1 Drone The Inspire 1 drone from DJI, is one of our most popular systems for law enforcement due to its multi-role capability. 
HD BODY WORN CAMERA Shield V HD Body Worn Camera The Shield V (5) by far and away is our most popular body worn camera thanks to its complete line up of features, and the all important batteries that are field swappable.
Body Camera Software VeriPic Storage Locker If your agency is in the market for tool to manage body worn camera footage, look no further than VeriPic.  Of their software, Storage Lock is the latest and easiest to use.