MAXSUR SEEKER Search Drone with FLIR 640 Res Imager & N3 Flight Controller

MAXSUR SEEKER Search Drone with FLIR 640 Res Imager & N3 Flight Controller

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With its compact size, this drone is easily transported to be at the right place, at the right time.  The complete system fits in a medium size Pelican brand case and can deployed in just minutes.  When airborne, targets are easily spotted with its stabilized 640 res FLIR imager and for additional details, pilots can switch to a full color view.  Flight operation is made simple with its GPS controlled autopilot, active braking system and when needed, flight speeds are up to 50mph.  Flight time is a conservative 20 minutes and batteries can be swapped in just seconds.   System comes field ready save your choice of tablet or PC laptop. 


  • Dual IR Thermal & Color Camera
  • Stabilized Camera Mount
  • Compact, Easy Transport
  • Deploys in Just Minutes
  • 640 Res FLIR Imager
  • Field Ready System
  • Up to 25 Minute Flight Time

Drone system comes complete with FLIR imager, color camera, five flight batteries, extra props, charging system and waterproof hard case. 

FAA Ready Specifications 
Full Legal Name of UA Manufacturer or Builder MAXSUR LLC
UA Model Designation SEEKER-SAR-640
UA Serial Number  
Class (Airplace, Airship, Rotocraft, Gyroplace, Ducted Fan) Rotorcraft
UA Manimum Takeoff Weight 6.25lbs
Category (Land, See or Both) Land
Name of Engine Manufacturer DJI
Engine Model Designation E800
Engine Serial-Numbers (if none shown, enter 'none') none
Number of Engines 4
Engine Power Output 4.62 pounds @ Sea Level
Engine Type (2 or 4 Cycle Reciprocating, Electric, Turbo - Fan/Prop/shaft/Jet) Prop