Hornet Digital Wireless Audio Transcorder System

Hornet Digital Wireless Audio Transcorder System

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The hornet digital audio transcorder system employs a micro digital audio recorder combined with a secure digital transmitter, making this system perfect for agencies that demand guarantee high quality evidence capture, regardless of potential interference or associated range issues.

The onboard recorder accepts a 16GB micro SD card and can record over 120 hours of audio when set at 8000Hz, and for the ultra high setting at 32,000Hz, up to 60 hours. Audio is recorded in the easy to use WAV file format which is compatible with any computer using common media players.

To ensure full compliance of confidential informants, this system utilizes a seamless two-stage power array. Should a CI disconnect the 6 hour battery to avert discovery of a side transaction or conspiracy, the system will automatically engage a 30 minute internal battery.

Tailored for body worn use, the transcorder is a sleek 0.59", 2.44" in height and 1.46" in width. All connections are done with fool-proof with mil-spec type connectors that produce a signature snap to give complete confidence. Machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum with rounded edges, assures years of daily use.

The included receiver is based upon a proprietary ICOM R6 that includes a decryption board and a user selectable switch that allows reception of legacy analog transmitters. Range results indicate a line of sight performance of up to two miles. Transmission is secured using dual layers which includes AES level 32 encryption for complete opsec.

System includes a digital transcorder, Knowles microphones, digital receiver, whip antennas, six hour battery, hard case, operation manual and a two-year warranty. System is available in NTIA compliant versions and for bulk orders, agency specified frequency.





1 x Digital Transcorder (Digital Audio Transmitter with Digital Audio Recorder Integrated)
1 x 16GB Micro SD Card (Records several hundreds of hours)
1 x TX Concealable Rubber Whip Antenna
1 x RX Standard Gain Rubber Whip Antenna
1 x RX High Gain Rubber Whip Antenna
1 x RX High Gain Magnetic Mobile Antenna
1 x RX with Integrated Digital Decryption Module
1 x Lithium TX 6 Hour Battery and Charger
4 x Alkaline AA Batteries (For RX)
1 x Hard Case for Transport and Storage