3 Dimensional Crime Scene Mapping Software Training December 08, 2015

3 Dimensional Crime Scene Mapping Software Training

On Tuesday, May 22nd MAXSUR of Liberty Hill, Texas hosted training on two of the latest law enforcement tools, drones and 3D mapping software from PIX4D. Training seats were completely sold out, and investigators from across the State of Texas were in attendance. Trainees received basic flight instruction on drones and received the opportunity of piloting the drones themselves. The drone training complimented the software training as inexpensive drones can put high resolution cameras over crime scenes, allowing for a unique aerial perspective. Additionally, the drones allow for faster, more accurate and less expensive crime scene coverage vs. manned solutions. During the drone portion of the training, trainees were astonished at how quickly crime scenes can be documented.

Applying the drone training to crime scenes, Instructor Eric Davis performed a short, ten minute flight of a mock fatality. Offloading the photos to PIX4D equipped laptop, Davis demonstrated how high resolution photos are automatically sorted and stitched into a complete 3 dimensional rendering of a scene. Davis then revealed how investigators can explore, view and measure the crime scene from any angle....all the while, presenting the scene in true-to-life imagery.

To see the results from Instructor Davis' flight, please watch the video below. MAXSUR will be announcing additional PIX4D training opportunities. Please register on MAXSUR.com to be notified of this and other upcoming training events.

For a trial license of PIX4D software and further system information, please contact the MAXSUR team at 1-855-778-6565 Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm CST. For more information about the PIX4D software, please click here.

Please note, MAXSUR training, products and full site access are only available to Law Enforcement and Government personnel.

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