Shield V Police Body Worn Camera

Shield V Police Body Worn Camera

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The team at MAXSUR is proud to introduce, the Shield V. This affordable and technologically advanced body camera contains a slew of well-groomed features in a small, lightweight package that is the length and height of a credit card while bearing the width of a half an inch. Suited to handle a wide variety of temperate ranges and weather conditions, the Shield V boasts an IP67 waterproof rating. Internally, the Ambarella A7 chipset captures important details in harsh lighting conditions such as dark rooms and night time operations.

After your officer presses the one touch recording button, 30 second pre-event recording ensures that the video shows what happened prior to the scenario occurring. In addition to the pre-event recording feature, the Shield V will equally record the post events. Making sure that the 30 seconds after the climax of the plot are not lost.

One of the biggest problems with body cameras on the market today is that officers may forget to charge the internal battery or they may run out of battery life during their shift. Introducing the Shield V with removable batteries.

Along with standard features like 140° field of view, 1080p HD pictures and video, and automatic or manual low light Infrared, the Shield V boasts a 12 hour stand by time with just one battery. With each Shield V you will receive two batteries making the Shield V capable of 24 hours’ worth of stand-by time, without making the camera the size of a brick.

With the two inch LCD display on the back of the Shield V officers can review the video in the field or while making the report. Administrative lock-out ensures that the chain of discovery is maintained by making it impossible to delete or alter the video from the body camera. And a 32GB tamper proof memory ensures that the officer will have plenty of storage space to record their shift.

The Shield V has a few hidden features as well. Officers can use the laser designator to point out problematic citizens in a crowd. An LED flashlight on the front can be used to look under seats or find lost patrol car keys. And an audio only feature to record notes at a crime scene.

As always, MAXSUR stands behind our products. So much so that with all of our body cameras we offer a 90 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty. If anything happens outside of that first year, MAXSUR will work with your agency to make sure that your body camera project stays operating smoothly.


• One-button recording
• Visual, audible and vibration confirmation
• 30 Second pre-event recording
• 12 hour standby and swappable batteries
• Tamperproof 32GB memory
• 30’ Infrared and visible light
• Built-in laser pointer
• Optional PTT cable


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Sensor 5MP CMOS
Chipset Ambarella A7
Video Resolution 1920x1080 @30fps/ 1440x1080 @30fps/1280x720p @30fps/
848x480p @60fps/848x480p @30fps
Video Format .MOV files
Fast Forward 2X, 4X, 8X
Rewind 2X, 4X, 8X
Audio Stereo 
Audio Format AAC2 / .WAV files
Watermark User ID, time and data stamp embedded into video
Camera 16 Megapixel camera with user selectable 3 to 5 photo burst 
Recording Time Continuous 350 minutes at 848 x 480 @ 30fps
Memory 32GB
Recording LED Red, faces up 
Storage Level Visual indicator 
One Button Record Yes 
Activation Prompt Audible, visual and tactile vibration - user selectable 
Infrared Light 2, LED with automatic option 
Auxiliary Light 1 Visible, 1 red visible laser designator
Type Removable, 1,950mAh, includes 2 
Charge Time 130 Minutes
Standby Time 12 Hours 


LCD 2 Inch TFT-LCD high resolution color display
Audio Playback Yes, built-in speakers
Video Output HDMI 1.3 Port
Video Transfer  USB 2.0


Recording Angle 140 degrees
Night Vision Up to 30 feet with visible face detection
Clip Metal mechanism sheathed with ABS - compatible with Heads Up Mic Clip
PTT Optional cord available, compatible with multiple brands


ID Unique 5 digit device ID and 6 digit user ID 
Encryption Files are password protected, viewing and deleting 
Pre-Record 5 to 30 seconds
Post-Record 10, 20, 30 seconds
Burst 1, 3 , 5 shot photo burst 
Dimensions 3.34" x 2.44" x 1.22"  - 85 x 62 x 31mm
Weight 5.74 oz - 163 g
Storage Temperature -40 to 140°F
Working Temperature -3 to 131°F
Standard USB cable, charger, manual, clip, 2 removable batteries, 1 charging dock
Optional Docking station and PTT cable