NIMBUS Covert Vape Camera System

NIMBUS Covert Vape Camera System

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The NIMBUS covert video system allows your team to keep up with the times. Anywhere or anytime that smoking is acceptable, the NIMBUS can be introduced, and along with it comes covert HD video recording and audio recording. 

The NIMBUS is one-hundred percent, fully functional and is designed to allow normal vape operation while keeping the camera’s field of view unhindered.  For long term ops, the NIMBUS batteries are be easily swapped and no tools are required to access the battery compartment.  Should the compartment need to be accessed in front of targets, internal covert video equipment is concealed with dielectric potting material. 

Operation of the NIMBUS camera is very simple, a single button is used to both power the camera and start/stop recording.  With both powering on and recording, the NIMBUS provides unique vibration signatures.  For complete UC/CI confidence before a given deployment, live video from the NIMBUS can be securely monitored via a smartphone or tablet.  During an op, should the camera battery get too low…the NIMBUS will provide a 5 minute warning vibration.  When ready, the UC/CI can field swap the standard 18650 battery and continue the operation.   Camera battery run time is up to 6.2 hours, and the vape battery provides an average of 100 to 130 puffs.

After operations have been completed, audio/video evidence can be retrieved via a secure WiFi link, or by removal of the mSD card.  All files are non-proprietary…requiring no special software. 

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  • Excellent and easy way to introduce covert video and audio
  • One-hundred percent fully functional vape unit
  • HD 720p video and high gain audio
  • 6+ Hour camera operation time
  • Before ops, build UC/CI confidence with WiFi live view
  • Includes four, field swappable batteries
  • Power and record vibration queuing
  • Five minute low battery vibration warning
  • Custom colors and materials
  • Optional long range WiFi module (100’-300’)
  • Optional still-photo feature

 SPECIFICATIONS (Brochure Download


720p / 480p

Field of View



H.264 / Audio:PCM

Video File Format

AVI (VLC & Windows Media Playable)

WiFi Standard

IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz ISM Band

Memory Type

mSD up to 64GB SDHC

Date/Time Stamp


Memory Type

Supports up to 64GB SDHC Micro SD

Vibration Queuing

Yes, Power, Record, Low Battery

Battery (camera/vape)

6.2 Hour 18650, 2500mAh 3.7V / 100 to 130 puffs


iOS or Android


0.8lbs / 362 grams (does not include vape fluid)

Dimensions (housing/tank)

2.3”W x 4.4”H x 1.25”D / 2.2”H x 1.0”D

The NIMBUS includes a fully operational vape system to include the tank, extra tank glass, extra gaskets, extra coil, four 18650 2,500mAh 3.7v batteries, battery charger, instructions, and a one-year warranty (excludes consumables such as tank & coils). The NIMBUS is available in varying colors, custom housing material, and with additional functions such as still-photo capture and 100’ WiFi range.