Drone Crime Scene System - PIX4D - PHANTOM 4

Drone Crime Scene System - PIX4D - PHANTOM 4

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With this complete drone system, even large outdoor crime scenes can be shot in less than fifteen minutes.  Afterwards, images taken can be quickly rendered into a complete, seamless, high resolution map.  Additionally, once the map has been generated, the scene can be viewed from any angle, and measured from any angle!

This drone crime scene system comes equipped with the DJI Phantom 4, one of DJI's top-selling unmanned aerial systems.  The Phantom 4 delivers crisp 94 degrees, 12MP images...perfect for crime scenes.  The onboard camera is cradled by a 3 axis gimbal, so even in rough winds images are rock steady.  Using the included NVIDIA tablet, you see exactly what the drone sees beyond 1-mile line of sight.  

The included PIX4D software is the number one choice by professionals worldwide for crime scenes and is currently in use by esteemed agencies such as NCIS, RCMP, AFP and many more.  With PIX4D, you'll be available to view and measure any angle with a precision level of 5mm.  Unlike other 3D programs...the map created uses the actual images from the drone, so colors are true-to-life and high resolution.  

Combined with the PIX4D software, flights of crime scenes are made easy with auto-grid function where the drone will fly the crime scene in a mow-the-lawn type fashion.  Once the mission is programmed, just hit the "GO" button and the system takes care of the rest.  All you have to do is simply monitor the drone just in case manual adjustments are needed.  

Included With This Drone Crime Scene System:  
• Full PIX4D 3D Software
• DJI Drone (Phantom 4, 4 Pro or MAVIC)
• Lithium Flight Battery x 2
• Wheeled Waterproof Hard Case
• NVIDIA Shield Tablet or iPad MINI 


Maxsur - Pix4d Crime Scene Investigation Demo from Maxsur on Vimeo.

As with any drone system, the MAXSUR team offers training to suit your agencies needs.  Our team is FAA certified under a 333 exemption for drone training, we have a 35 acre facility, and if need be, we can perform the training onsite at your location.