Phantom Wireless Digital Body Wire

Phantom Wireless Digital Body Wire

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The Phantom Wireless Digital Audio System is designed for operations that require a high degree of information security, RF flexibility and potential long-term use with limited power sources. Transmission includes dual layers of security provided by a proprietary QPSK (Quadrature Phase Shift Keying) modulation and a manually selectable 5 pin key code with 65,000 possible combinations.

In circumstances where operators perceive that counter-surveillance has been deployed and that RF detection is imminent, the transmitter can be remotely disabled and later remotely reactivated for normal operation. In turn, operators can use this remote activation to conserve battery power and obtain standby operation for up to 2 months.

Digital transmitter comes with 110VAC charger, receiver, micro SD card, waterproof carrying case, operation manual and a 1-year warranty.