AgileMesh WatchTower I, Single Hardened Camera Station G2

AgileMesh WatchTower I, Single Hardened Camera Station G2

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The AgileMesh GroundView Series WATCHTOWER™ can be extended up to 20 feet high for an above-the-crowd view. It includes a specially designed camera
deployment unit (CDU), one or two ruggedized PTZ surveillance cameras, a CommandMesh™ compliant wireless networking node, an antenna mounting assembly, two antennas
and a carrying case.

The WATCHTOWER is ideal for surveillance of crowds, special events, over a fence into second floor windows or doors and for covering a wide area.

AgileMesh total on-scene, portable surveillance systems enable incident commanders to provide an enhanced level of officer safety, valuable post-incident training tools, incident action evidence gathering and a new level of liability protection. All video transmissions are secure and if one AgileMesh unit is disabled or destroyed other on-scene units continue to operate.

AgileMesh solutions include the proprietary CommandMesh software platform which optimizes video signal processing and communications.

Single hardened PTZ camera w/IR, AV7510G2 CommandMesh enable video node, 6 meter mast, antenna mount w/cable, staking kit, cable straps (2), omni- directional antennas (2.4 and 5 GHz), includes canvas mast bag and camera/accessories carrying case; Agiletility Software not included.