Pix4D Mapper Pro-License

Pix4D Mapper Pro-License

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PIX4DMapper Pro is tool of choice for 3D aerial mapping of crime scenes. It can be used with any drone equipped with a still photo capable camera, which is pretty much most drones available on the market today. When combined with drones such as the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+, flights over crime scenes can be pre-programmed for easy, precise autonomous flying.

After flying over a crime scene, photos can be uploaded to a PC hosting the PIX4D software which will do the work of creating an amazing 3 dimensional representation of the crime scene to include objects in the scene such as vehicles, buildings, vegetation....to create a virtual render that can be explored anytime, from any altitude and from any angle.

Purchase of the PIX4D Crime Scene Mapping Software from MAXSUR comes with full support of a team with both firsthand law enforcement experience and advanced tools such as PIX4D. In addition, your purchase comes with one-year of upgrades and the crime scene software can be installed on 2 different computers.

To learn more or to obtain a customized quote for a complete system, please contact the MAXSUR team at 1-855-778-6565.