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The team at MAXSUR and customers put together the top ten features to look for in making a body camera purchase:

  1. PRE & POST EVENT RECORDING - When triggered, the latest body cameras will include up to 30 seconds of
    footage trigger...helping to put video in proper context. Additionally, this same feature can add up to 30 seconds
    of footage after the recording is deactivated.
  2. ONE BUTTON RECORDING - From any state, the best units have a single button for power-up & recording.
  3. ENDURANCE - STANDBY & CONSTANT RECORD TIME - Standby times indicate how long the
    police body camera can be powered on, but not recording which is an ideal state for patrol). Constant record
    time denotes how long the body camera will record continuously on a single charge which is rarely done.
  4. FIELD OF VIEW & RESOLUTION - Body worn camera with a 120 degree field of view do an excellent job
    of replicating the focus-able human field of view. Wider FOV's should be considered carefully as some tend to
    have a warped view.
  5. RECORDING CONFIRMATION - The body camera should have LED recording indicators than can be view
    quickly and easily by an officer. Also, the BWC should have a tactical mode that silences audible tones,
    replaced by vibration signatures.
  6. LIGHT HANDLING CAPABILITY - How a camera reacts to lighting extremes to common to patrol is
    obviously important. Cameras equipped with an Ambrella brand chip sets are found to be the best at handling
    these extremes.
  7. WEATHER RATING - Weather ratings are expressed with IP (ingress protection) numbers, and higher
    numbers are preferred. As an example, a body camera with a IP67 rating can withstand a downpour and even
    temporary submersion.
  8. EVIDENCE SECURITY & WATERMARKING - Pass-code systems prevents destruction or tampering of
    evidence. Also the BWC should have visible time/date stamp along with patrol and unit ID characters.
  9. STILL SHOT - Having a still shot feature affords the opportunity to take high resolution photos immediately for
    evidence gathering opportunities.
  10. MIC MUTE & AUDIO RECORDER - Meeting the matrix of privacy and evidence needs, a body camera
    should be equipped with a mutable mic primarily to preserve the officers privacy. Conversely, for victims and
    informants, identity can be shielded with an audio-only feature.

For more information about body cameras and their features, please give the MAXSUR team a shout. You'll find
individuals with firsthand law enforcement experience and passion for mission improving technology. The team
can be reached at 1-855-778-6565 8am to 6pm CST or via email at Also, please visit
our body camera page by clicking here

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