Phantom 2 Vision Plus Drone with Dual Batteries

Phantom 2 Vision Plus Drone with Dual Batteries

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Maxsur is a DJI Premier Dealer and Authorized Service Center, so we can not only deliver the world's most power, capable and cost effective UAV's, but support them with full service and training. The Phantom 2 series UAV's are the world's most popular compact GPS-enabled drone. They deliver a combination unparalleled in their price category -- dynamic flight performance, rapid swap lithium polymer batteries, Swiss engineered camera stabilization, superior media capabilities and true ease of use.

The "secret sauce" of all modern UAV's is the GPS positioning system, which allows the craft to hold a steady position, even in strong winds. The operator simply tells the drone where to go via the control sticks, but the craft has the uncanny ability to stay on point in surprisingly stiff winds. In our training sessions, we often demonstrate this feature by putting the Phantom into a hover around scene feet of the ground, having an assistant grab the landing gear and "drag" the Phantom through the air to a position about twelve feet way. When released, the Phantom through the air to a position about twelve feet away. When released, the Phantom immediately returns to the spot in space where it thinks it should be -- with very little hesitation or overshoot. It's incredible. Equally amazing is the "return home" function. To demonstrate, we often completely turn off the remote transmitter. The Phantom realizes there has been a break in the control link and it slowly and smooth climbs to 60 feet and then returns to where it took off, gently landing with a foot or so of its original take off position.

This drone comes equipped with its own 14 megapixel camera and right out of the box it is ready to use with almost any smarphone or tablet. One the smart device, you'll get a love video stream, flight details such as altitude and heading, full camera camera control including tilt, video/still shutter, white balance, etc. You can even share images instantly by email or test while the craft is still flying! You can opt to fly using the transmitter (remote control) or give the aircraft a 16 waypoint autonomous mission and watch it go to work. Setting up the mission is easy as touching spots on a map on your smart device -- great for search and rescue or intelligence gathering missions. Flight range of the Vision 2+ drone is up to 2,500 feet and flight duration is up to 25 minutes per battery.

The Vision 2+ drone is engineered for reliability and ease of use. The GPS stablization makes flying easy, event in a stiff wing. Should the battery level dip below calculated depletion, the aircraft will return to the takeoff point and land automatically. Both vesions are customizable to match your agency's specific needs. As a DJI Premier Dealer and Authorized Service Center, Maxsur can train, service and support your departyment's UAV program every step of the way. Please call one of our UAV experts today for custom quote.