AgileMesh Signal Extender G2

AgileMesh Signal Extender G2

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The AgileMesh SIGNA EXTENDER is designed for rapid and stable outdoor deployment. Using the latest in wireless mesh networking technologies, it extends the range of surveillance video, audio and data transmissions from an incident or event to the command viewing location. This is accomplished securely to sync the entire AgileMesh Incident Area Network together.

AgileMesh on-scene, live streaming, portable wireless surveillance systems provide incident/event commanders with an enhanced level of operations management capability, increased officer safety, more accurate incident action records and greater liability protection.

agilemesh signal extender

SIGNAL EXTENDERS are self-contained units with isolated front panel controllable CommandMesh nodes connected together and pre-configured to extend the range of the Incident Area Intelligence Network (IAIN) video, audio and data transmissions. Nodes, antennas, cables and built-in battery and charger are all in one rugged wheeled transport and storage case.

Each CommandMesh node is separately controllable to select unique operating frequencies for each. By matching the channels to the incident area network system on one side and the next mesh extender (or viewing location) on the other side, the network information can be “hopped” from point to point. This allows connectivity between the CommandMesh incident surveillance and a command location around the corner, over a hill, or down the block. This connectivity is provided with no loss of bandwidth.

Self-contained mesh extender unit with dual isolated wireless mesh units, omni-directional antennas, built-in battery and charger - all in a roller carrying case.