Body Camera Video Evidence Management Software

Extract, Manage, and Share All of Your Digital Evidence with VeriPic 

For body camera footage, still pictures, audio files, in-car video and documents 

Manage your evidence the way you need to!
Reduce labor cost with greater efficiency 
Manage your electronic evidence, securely in one place 
Maintain tighter chain of custody 
Prevent evidence information leaks and liabilities 


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VeriPic has been a favorite evidence tool for law enforcement since 1999 and enterprise client list includes Bexar County Texas (San Antonio). With VeriPic’s software, you’ll be able to work with all leading manufacturers of police body camera such as Shield series from MAXSUR. Cameras can be mixed and matched.

When VeriPic software is combined with MAXSUR Shield series cameras, you’ll get the convenience of the “Dock and Walk” features. Patrolman ending their shift can simply dock their body camera and walk away. Automatically the camera will be charged and video evidence will be downloaded to the server for secure storage and easy access later on. In departments with over ten full time patrols, this feature alone pays for a complete Body Camera System in less than a year in labor savings.

VeriPic Software Handles More than Just Body Cameras

VeriPic software handles more than just body cameras, it can handle all your digital media for cases. Whether it's an audio file from a field recorder, still images from witnesses, security DVR footage or documents, VeriPic can manage it, store and make it available to anyone assigned to a case.
When the event arises, any or all of related information can be shared easily with authorized parties. Hereto, this is a major labor savings by drastically reducing the amount of time required for cataloging, searching and exporting request digital evidence.

Throughout the whole process, VeriPic software keeps an accurate log of all activities regarding every piece of video evidence. Additionally, each user of the Video Evidence Software can be assigned varying levels of access to ensure complete video evidence integrity.

Complete Body Camera Systems are available including remote installation, updates, training and 24-7 technical support. For a complete and tailored system to match your agencies needs, call the MAXSUR today at 1-855-778-6565 or via email at

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Government Financing and Contract Pricing Available

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