No More Wiggle for Body Cameras December 08, 2015

body worn camera mount

If you wear a body camera and consume the footage from your patrol activities, you've undoubtedly noticed the wiggle, the shake, the bounce, etc...when you walk, and especially when you're in hot foot pursuit. This is all due to the drive to have body worn cameras with higher resolution and longer run time, driving the weight of the cameras up.  To make matters worse, today's patrol uniforms have little to no allowances for body cameras.  However, a Texas Deputy Constable, David Merton has come up with a solution called the "Heads Up Mic Clip".

heads up mic clip

Merton originally recognized that every time he or anyone was using their shoulder mic, their line of sight on targets was greatly diminished, from having to cant the head in order to speak into the mic.  To solidly eliminate the line of sight issue of shoulder mics, Merton invented the HUMC.  The HUMC tucks and easily mounts into any vest trauma pouch, leaving a perfect upper torso mounting point for a shoulder mic.  

Finishing development of the HUMC at about the same time the push for body worn cameras occurred, Merton quickly recognized that's its equally useful for body worn cameras.  Just like a shoulder mic, the HUMC provides an excellent mounting point for almost any body camera.  In addition, the HUMC also helps to eliminate the shake, rattle and roll of a patrol camera simply attached to a shirt.  

Merton, in good cop fashion has kept the HUMC simple and out-of-pocket affordable.  The HUMC comes with everything you need for installation into almost any vest.  Pricing is less than $20 and can be ordered direct or from providers such as MAXSUR.  

For more details on the HUMC, please click here.  For more details about MAXSUR Shield series body worn cameras and video evidence software, please click here

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