Top 6 Crime Busting Apps - by Robert Strohmeier December 08, 2015

Top 6 Crime Busting Apps - by Robert Strohmeier
Don't go in-service without these apps, they can truly make the difference in solving the crime. In many cases these apps are free and will increase your investigative capabilities exponentially.

1. US Cop ($3.99 on Android) ($5.99 for iOS)

This app has everything. From pharmaceutical identification to a Spanish translator. Log in your shift schedule and even create reminders. This app gives you a guide to report writing and case law references. A voice recorder and evidence cam ensures that your most important information stay secure. A plethora of cheat sheets including “use of force” manuals, VIN Decoder, commonly abused pills

2. Whooster (14 Day Free Offer)

Whooster is not really an app but should definitely make it on this list. It works via SMS Messaging. Text the POI name or phone number that you want to search and within seconds the information will be text back to you. Whooster will provide you with the billing name, city, state, zip code, and carrier. By not launching an app, the information get to you faster giving you solid leads in seconds. It can even provide results off as little information as just a last name by searching in your specific area or specified zip code.  

Click Here for Further Details (Restricted Access - Law Enforcement Only)

3. CSI Connect ($6.99 for Android) ($4.99 for iOS)

This app was created with 20+ years of experience in crime scene investigation and processing. Besides having over 70 crime scene reference guides, users can also calculate vertical and horizontal trajectory, and save crime scene weather information and GPS coordinates. Detective and Investigators can also record, play, and export crime scene audio notes making this a useful tool to file a report and close a case.

4. RAIDS Online (Free for iOS and Android)

A mobile version of the popular website powered by Bair Analytics. Developed by former police officer and crime analyst Sean Bair this app maps crime in your AO with details including crime type, date, time, address, location type, and distance from location. Users also have the ability to filter out less relevant crimes and dates making your investigation easier.

5. SneakyPix ($0.99 iOS)

Allows you to secretly and automatically take pictures or record video of your suspect while you act like you are on the phone.

6. Super Swiss Knife (free)

This is not your Boy Scout Swiss army knife. This app has twelve functions of simple measure, a flashlight, and compass, bubble level, cross vertical measure, distance measure, and magnifier. The cross vertical measure utilizes the camera to show angle of deviation. The noise checking feature measures the intensity of the noise around you in decibels. Lots of handy tools for and crime scene.

Bonus-- Get to know the apps that are working against you.
“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear a thousand battles”. –Sun Tzu

1. Googles Waze (free for Android)

The purpose of Waze initially was to help the public avoid traffic situations by notifying the user of any traffic issues along their route. However, the app also indicates when police are nearby the scene and could potentially be used by criminals for gaining information on police activity. Law enforcement agencies around the country are currently fighting to have Global Communications remove the “police tracking” feature on the app.

2. Five-O

Three high school students from Georgia have created an app where users can rate their encounters with law enforcement officials. Moreover, individuals can transfer the recorded information to law enforcement, which can be used in cases where legal action may be necessary. Five-O users input relevant demographic information, including age and race, rank, and officers’ level of professionalism.

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